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You play a fox mother, that needs to feed their children. But be carefull! The wildnerness is not a peacefull place.

This is a game I developed during my intermediate exam at game school, where I studied 3D game design with a focus on programming. 
It was developed over the course of a month, with heavy focus on the code and not so much on the art.
But I'm nontheless happy with the outcome.


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The controls are terrible. Remove the camera controls and just make it a 3/4 top view. They're much too sensitive as they are. Just make the mouse the pointer, so the fox knows where to attack. As is, the fox has no idea how to attack.  I suggest making pick up and drop the same button, also. Easier to keep track of, that way.


Thank you for your comment.
The mouse and keyboard controls actually were added on later.
The game was originaly intended to be played with a gamepad.
But of course I understand your critique and willkeep that in mind. 

Alright. I gave it another try with a controller, and it does control better that way. I thank you for pointing that out. Computer controls should still be adjusted though, for those who can't connect a gamepad. I struggled to get much food, but I'm not sure if that's on me or a sign there should be more animals/hunting adjustment.